Windows & Blinds

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VHS Commercial Services offers the best local window washing and blind cleaning available. 

With prompt, dependable service you can count on us to be there when you need us. 


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High windows?  No problem, we have all the professional equipment needed to get to even the hardest to reach places.  Not only do you get clean windows, you also get clean sills, frames, & screens.


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VHS Commercial Services uses an Ultrasonic cleaning system for widow treatments. An ultrasonic cleaner is also referred to as a “sonicator”. In this process, the blind is placed into a chamber containing a cleaning solution. An ultrasound-generating transducer produces ultrasonic waves. This creates compression waves in the liquid of the tank which “tear” the liquid apart, leaving behind many millions of microscopic “voids” or “partial vacuum bubbles” (cavitation).  These bubbles collapse with enormous energy which allows cleaning of more intricate detail.