I cannot speak highly enough of your company and your employees

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My husband Tom and I cannot speak highly enough of your company and your employees including Service Manager Travis and Techs Scott and Josh. Travis, in particular — he is the one whose friendly, respectful manner first impressed me when I called for a July 24th carpet cleaning appointment — has gone above and beyond to make certain that this customer has been 110% satisfied. 

When I emailed Travis this morning to express my concern that the carpets we had cleaned yesterday still seemed soiled, he got back to me promptly with his promise to fix the problem — within hours. I was amazed to say the least. Such excellent customer service, in my experience, is rather rare in this day and age. And then both Travis and Scott went a step further today by offering me their expert and experienced counsel regarding remediation of cigarette smoke smell and damage in a rental unit we own back in Illinois. 

I could go on and on about the congeniality, efficiency and helpfulness of all three men, but it’s time to get dinner started. I only wish to be sure that you understand how much we appreciate your company, your employees and the commitment by all of you to outstanding and excellent customer service.

Thank you,

Barb C, Siskiwit Lake, Cornucopia, WI